Weibo and chinese society essay

Toggle display of website navigation Tea Leaf Nation: Does Chinese Civilization Come From A new study has energized a century-long debate at the heart of China's national identity. By Ricardo Lewis September 2, On a cool Sunday evening in March, a geochemist named Sun Weidong gave a public lecture to an audience of laymen, students, and professors at the University of Science and Technology in Hefei, the capital city of the landlocked province of Anhui in eastern China.

Weibo and chinese society essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Weibo And Chinese Society The new media, different from television, magazines, books or paper-based publications, is a new form of mass communication, which contains technologies that enable digital interactivity.

For example, websites, video games, Internet all belong to the new media. Chinese Webb, similar to twitter used worldwide, is a micro blob, by which people can post words, pictures and videos on the Internet.

The general public or the organization can create their own account easily and share things with their followers so they can communicate freely with each other.

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Some celebrities and government officials also own Webb accounts and in this way, Webb helps to create a two-way communication between famous people and Chinese Internet users. Research showed that people spend at least one hour per day checking Webb messages on their cellophanes or on their laptops, while spend only fifteen minutes on reading newspapers.

It is very common in current Chinese society to see people using Webb every day to check the latest news, share daily life, or chat with friends, etc. Nearly fifty percent of the Internet users in China have Webb accounts and use it regularly.

Among these people, most of them are from the younger generation who are more open-minded to the new technology.

This paper consists of two parts.

Section 10: "Next Steps" (WebText)

The first part aims to understand the effects Webb has made ten years from now on Chinese society. The second part talks about Chinese government policy and the progress China has made reflected by the proliferation of Webb.

Speaking of the impact of this new media, Webb has impressively changed the traditional mass media. Prior to the turn of the century, only journalists with an official degree can be reporters and public news, which they thought were newsworthy.

However, in nowadays, with the advent bowie, the general public can be the first one to reveal something important happened around them by posting Webb using only forty Chinese characters. Sometimes these posts can be the sources of the news on next days newspaper.

For example, on March a man robbed a store and fell down on his way running. This accident was firstly recorded by a citizen who happened to pass by in that neighborhood. Then he quickly posted this on Webb and called the police. Immediately, this post was reposted thousand times and known to many people in this city.

Later on, the newspaper bought the pictures taken by the Webb user and published as the next days headline news. In this way, the general public is helping professional journalists find newsworthy things happened around them and change the traditional humdrum way of publishing.

In addition, the extensive use of Webb is acting like a supplement of paper- erosion reports.

Weibo and chinese society essay

Every famous news agency has their own Webb accounts, whenever there was an influential news, there would be a short post to give people a brief Introduction of what happened.

Also, Webb can be a place where the journalists post updates in a continuous event. For example, when the missing airplane MYNAH accident happened this year, every progress the rescue group had made was posted through Webb.Chinese society is divided by those in the Chinese Communist Party (which is not trivial to get into), and the rest of the people.

The CCP is divided by an invisible barrier into the inner party or outer party.

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Since Weibo, information in Chinese society has changed, it's become more transparent, more direct Wen Huajian, Author, Love in the Age of Weibo The Chinese authorities use a variety of means to. We are pleased to announce publication of vol. 29, no. 1 (Spring ) of Modern Chinese Literature and the table of contents below, with links to abstracts.

For those of you who are subscribers, you should be receiving your copy within the next few weeks.

Weibo and chinese society essay

It's that time of year again: Essay topics for gaokao's Chinese exam sparked discussion and debate on social media on Wednesday, the first day of the gaokao. Weibo's purge was the latest move in a crackdown by the ruling Communist Party to clear the Chinese internet of any content deviating from its "core values of socialism", while stifling criticism.

Jul 23,  · On the various Weibo accounts of Chinese state media and local authorities, however, a post has been published that asks people to “not let anger and panic spread,” and to trust that “the.

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