User documentation for ict essay

It is usually not a good idea as there is a risk of something going wrong.

User documentation for ict essay

User documentation for ict essay

Replying to help requests — contains guidelines for users who respond to questions about how to use or edit posed by other users. Help desk — the "main page" for asking questions about how to use or edit Wikipedia. Teahouse — a "very friendly place" for new editors to become accustomed to and ask questions about editing.

Editor help — a "far less busy place" where editors will get comprehensive assistance about on going problems related to editing.

User documentation for ict essay

General knowledge questions Replying to general knowledge questions — contains guidelines for users who respond to general knowledge questions posed by other users. See Wikipedia's Legal disclaimer and Medical disclaimer.

Reference desks — you can ask questions about any topic at the specific pages listed below. Computing — to ask about computing, information technology, electronics, software and hardware. Entertainment — to ask about sports, popular culture, movies, music, video games, and TV shows.

Humanities — to ask about history, politics, literature, religion, philosophy, law, finance, economics, art, and society. Language — to ask about spelling, grammar, word etymology, language usage, and translations.

Mathematics — to ask about mathematics, geometry, probability, and statistics. Science — to ask about biology, chemistry, physics, medicine, geology, engineering and technology. Miscellaneous — to ask about anything that is not listed above. Specific help and mediation Noticeboards — Wikipedia noticeboards are pages where editors can ask questions and request assistance from people who are familiar with the policies and guidelines covered by each individual board.

Administrators — for posting information and issues that affect administrators. Edit warring — for reporting active edit warriors and recent violations of the three-revert rule.

Incidents — for reporting and discussing incidents that require the intervention of administrators and experienced editors. Vandalism — for reporting about obvious and persistent vandals and spammers. Dispute resolution — provides a central compilation of the boards listed below to help resolves conflicts.

Third opinion — for disputes between two editors to receive an outside opinion. Requests for comment — the place to go to get outside input on issues from a broad number of users.

Dispute resolution noticeboard — used as a "first step" in solving content issues. Formal mediation — provides formal mediation to assist in the resolution of content disputes. Arbitration — the "last resort" for conduct issues when all other avenues are exhausted, issues binding rulings.

External links — reporting possible breaches of the external links policy. Neutrality — for reporting issues regarding whether article content is compliant with the Neutral Point of View policy. Sources — for posting questions regarding whether particular sources are reliable in context.

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Page moves — a process for requesting the retitling of an article, template, or project page.This free Education essay on Essay: Information Communication Technology (ICT) for Effective Subject Delivery in Technical Education is perfect for Education students to use as an example.

This is the first screenshot which shows the list of data forms that could be opened. To open the form you would have to click on the form that you require and open the form that you need.

Course description. This course prepares students to support small to medium enterprises (SMEs) requiring broader rather than more specialised ICT support.

Serge Gutwirth () professor of Human Rights, Comparative law, Legal Theory and Methodology at the Faculty of Law and Criminology of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), where he studied law, criminology and also obtained a post-graduate degree in technology and science studies.

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The ICT Theory Essay Sample. Data. Documentation. The documentation is the paperwork that will come with your computer system. There are two types of documentation, user guides and technical manuals. The user guides will tell you how to use the new system.

These user guides will cover how to use the different software packages that comes. INTRODUCTION. Assessment plays a major role in student learning. There are many new approaches to assessment with an emphasis on the process of learning along with the product of .

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