Personnel management vs hrm

So line managers over the past ten years or so have frequently been confronted with HRM decisions and activities in their day-to-day business in a way that was not the case previously. This process has been accelerated by a more recent development which adds to the burden of the line manager while increasing the effectiveness of the organisation as a whole.

Personnel management vs hrm

OPM provides HR services for the federal governments workforce of nearly 2. It's staff carry out the tasks to recruit, interview, and promote employees; oversee merit pay, benefits and retirement programs; and ensure that all employees and applicants are treated fairly and according to the law.

The Scope of Services

To set the COLA [cost-of-living allowances] rates, the Office of Personnel Management OPM surveys the prices of over items, including goods and services, housing, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses.

Human resource management is concerned with the development and implementation of people strategies, which are integrated with corporate strategies, and ensures that the culture, values and structure of the organization, and the quality, motivation and commitment of its members contribute fully to the achievement of its goals.

HRM is concerned with carrying out the SAME functional activities traditionally performed by the personnel function, such as HR planning, job analysis, recruitment and selection, employee relations, performance management, employee appraisals, compensation management, training and development etc.

Major differences between Personnel Management and HRM HRM has a long history of growing from a simple welfare and maintenance function to that of a board level activity of the companies.

However, the hard fact is that this growth can be generally witnessed in management literature and rarely in practice. But, in practice, these organizations continue to handle the people management activities the way they had been handling earlier.

The reasons for this could be many and varied.

Difference in Approach

Professor John Storey brilliantly portrayed these differences in 27 areas of people management in in his book titled Developments in the Management of Human Resources. These differences are illustrated in Table Dimensions.Personnel Management (PM) and Human Resources Management (HRM) is not new to most of the organization today.

Personnel management vs hrm

In fact, PM and HRM commonly confused by most of us. People like Armstrong, M even stated that HRM is similar with PM, just a change in the name or it is perceived as ‘old wine in a. Many students of management and laypeople often hear the term HRM or Human Resource Management and wonder about the difference between HRM and the traditional term Personnel Management.

In earlier times, the Personnel Manager of a factory or firm was the person in charge of ensuring employee welfare.

Personnel management vs hrm

Robert Owen is regarded as the father of personnel management- Human resource management Vs Personnel management Human resource management has changed a lot for the past years. Arena of human resource management has been widening with the increase of importance of employees who are core for running any business.

HRM Vs Personnel Management is a way of managing and utilizing the skills of labor in such a way that can meet the goals.

Personnel Vs. Human Resources | As the responsibilities of the department have evolved, the term human resources is the term that is used for departments that manage personnel and the resources to develop talent.
Video of the Day In earlier times, the Personnel Manager of a factory or firm was the person in charge of ensuring employee welfare and interceding between the management and the employees.
How Personnel Management is different from Human Resource Management? Personnel is an older term that defined basic employee issues management; human resources became more popular as staffing management evolved into a strategic business function.
Key Differences Between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management Strategic HRM Human Resource Managment by Ruth Mayhew - Updated October 27, Decades ago, personnel departments usually were tasked with reading job seekers' paper applications to ensure they were completed properly, signing up employees for insurance and processing and distributing paychecks. Personnel department managers may have been privy to the leadership's discussions about the company's workforce needs, but traditional human resources management was more focused on operations than the long-range, strategic view.
Content: Personnel Management Vs Human Resource Management The part of management that deals with the workforce within the enterprise is known as Personnel Management.

How it is different from HRM. Check your understanding of the similarities and differences between human resource management and personnel management with this interactive quiz. The line of difference between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management is subtle. Personnel Management treats workers as tools or machines whereas Human Resource Management treats it as an important asset of the organization.

Personnel Management Vs. Human Resource Management: What's the Difference?