Leveraging study jnnurm

While India has made considerable strides towards public infrastructure creation in the last two decades through reforms and investments, the key challenge lies in the transformation of infrastructure into quality services. The examination of issues related to policy, institutions and incentives that influence this transformation process is vital to the discourse on how to achieve desirable service outputs and outcomes.

Leveraging study jnnurm

The aim of this support is to strengthen management of urban and energy sectors and boost investment into infrastructure. The programme will deliver inclusive economic transformation and growth that is climate resilient and contributes to poverty reduction and economic inclusion of disadvantaged groups.

Leveraging study jnnurm

IPE Global will be responsible for identification, management and delivery of the technical assistance, to strengthen management of urban, energy and investment, and to help build an investable pipeline of projects.

The study will constitute a comprehensive strategy and master plan for the infrastructure sector in the IGAD region which will i Facilitate easy intra and interconnectivity within the region; ii Simulate regional economic growth and thereby contribute to poverty reduction; iii Reduce isolation and promote regional integration and stability.

The recommendations of the study will provide the basis for IGAD to seek development assistance from donors and development partners and attract private Leveraging study jnnurm financing and guide the process of selection and implementation of regional infrastructure projects.

It shall also constitute the basis for IGAD Member States commitment to a common infrastructure development programme, in the form of a Declaration, as well as the basis for regular review of its implementation.

The primary focus of the programme is providing technical assistance to megacities in developing countries — helping them to plan for, and then attract financing for, ambitious climate actions.

Project cost is INR crores approximately. Another objective of the assignment is to identify what role city twinning specifically plays in India-UK partnerships in terms of trade and investment from past years and identify parameters which make Leveraging study jnnurm effective.

The main objective of this assignment is to assess the wastewater management status of towns having population 50, and above in Ethiopia including the legal, organizational, capacity etc. The study will evaluate the extent of urban waste water management problem in each town and set priority criteria for towns to be entitled for wastewater management feasibility study, design and construction.

IPE Global will conduct urban wastewater situation assessment study and prepare implementation guidelines to facilitate the implementation of waste water management system in 28 large and medium size towns in total.

Shaping East African Cities as Systems to Work Better for All The objective of the project is to deliver integrated, multi-disciplinary research that helps the client understand and influence political settlements, institutions formal and informal and governance in rapidly growing cities, and through these, support the design of targeted and integrated interventions that promote inclusive growth, poverty reduction and access to livelihoods.

We will design urban policies that can help to build more responsive institutions, based on critical reviews of the state of the art in research on urbanisation and development. IPE Triple Line will undertake a spatial assessment of the historic and physical growth of four cities to inform a more detailed socio-economic analysis of households and individuals who interact with complex land markets.

Cities Alliance Consultancy Cities Alliance, which is hosted by UNOPS, is a global partnership for the promotion of cities in poverty reduction and sustainable development.

Under this project, IPE Global has been given the task of taking forward the previous HR assessment exercise by developing a User Guide that can be used independently by city managers to carry out similar HR assessments for their cities.

Consultancy services for Mogadishu Roads Connectivity Assessment and Trunk Drainage Masterplan IPE Global has been contracted by The World Bank to develop a citywide trunk drainage master plan in Mogadishu, Somalia that guides the strategic and harmonized investments in the region.

The master plan would give an overview of the existing drainage system, allowing Benadir Regional Administration BRA to identify key gaps, standardize the system design and prioritize future investments based on evidence.

IPE Global has been entrusted to develop i a baseline assessment of the legal framework, policies, current practices and conditions on the ground, including benchmarking with other comparable countries and gap analysis: The purpose of this assignment is to study the supply side of housing sector in Afghanistan and present solid and practical recommendations for development of the National Housing Policy and National Housing Strategy.

Technical Assistance to Madhya Pradesh Urban Infrastructure Investment Project MPUIIP We leveraged technical advisory support focused on reform driven infrastructure investment and service delivery by municipal corporations and state level directorate. IPE Global also provided private sector engagement facilitated by undertaking feasibility studies and transaction management that finalised PPP projects of USD 75 million with an additional pipeline of USD 35 million for integrated solid waste management.

We also supported state-wide roll-out of key reforms such as municipal administration system, automated building plan approval system, municipal accounting reforms, and GIS linked property tax reforms, safe cities, among others. Preparation and Capacity Building for implementation of a District Development Plan in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia IPE Global provided support for operationalising a District Development Plan for infrastructure and services in Bayanzurkh pilot district by capacitating local government bodies in the exercise of its functions.

At the end of the project, District Development Plan, training modules, and investment plans were prepared. Main activities include advising on policy, enabling environment to support development of bankable projects, training and development of knowledge management tools, guidelines and manuals.

Urban Development - Smart Cities and Capacity Building

Smart City Thiruvananthapuram Limited: Strategic new infrastructure include, the longest flyover over 1. IPE Global has designed new transport models, semi-automatic multi-level car parking system, first of its kind in Jammu. The programme will improve access to basic services for one million persons in Jammu city.

Over 54 kilometres of gravel roads, drainage and slope stabilisation were structures constructed in a time-bound manner ensuring best construction practices for safety and generated local construction jobs.

The inter-regional connectivity would improve security in the Kivu region by improving mobilisation of humanitarian actors and reducing travel times. The web-based features will enable geo-spatially aware, in-time decision making and feed into the property valuation, taxation, and assessments for increasing municipal revenues in three pilot cities - Bahir Dar, Mekelle and Dire Dawa.

Key Focus Areas

City Equitable Economic Growth Diagnostic for 5 Cities across Sub-Saharan Africa Under this project, IPE Global modelled a rapid economic urban assessment and city equitable growth appraisal toolkit to measure indicators of inclusive economic growth, such as business productivity, jobs, and income opportunities.

We developed a robust methodology to overcome challenges of data scarcity, low government capacity, outdated information, and implementation capability.

The training and capacity building of the local governments will thus promote evidence-based investment prioritisation in basic infrastructure and services for inclusive resilient cities.

Master plans for two existing dumping yards will test innovations such as piggyback landfill of existing waste for site reclamation, waste to energy facilities, as well as space maximisation for disposal and treatment in the future.Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India Capacity Building for Urban Development study are also covered here.

Cities have also not been very successful in leveraging JNNURM funds to raise finances on their. Study on Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission for Ajmer-Pushkar Analysis of Inner City Renewal Projects identified under JnNURM Conducted by.

Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission Ministry of Urban Employment and Poverty Alleviation Ministry of Urban Development Government of India Guidelines for Project Preparation3.

JAWAHARLAL NEHRU NATIONAL URBAN RENEWAL MISSION Guidelines for Project Preparation Project scoping could also form part of the CDP or master plan study in.

Urban Development - Smart Cities and Capacity Building

Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) was a massive city-modernisation scheme launched by the Government of India under Ministry of Urban Development. It envisaged a total investment of over $20 billion over seven years.

Leveraging study jnnurm

infrastructure & governance Provision of high-quality infrastructure and basic services in our cities, towns and rural areas is integral to achieving more inclusive, equitable and sustainable growth in the country. This is intended to trigger the process of leveraging debt for JNNURM projects and to provide a platform for the ULBs and financial institutions to engage on issues related to project financing.

It has been decided that initially the scheme would be a part of Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) for 35 cities with.

Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM)