Interprofessional learning essays

All of these have professional skills and expertise required to work with people living in different communities, with severe mental health problems. In the meeting attended, the range of professionals included social workers, psychiatrist nurses, psychologists, pharmacists, occupational therapists, and approved mental health professionals.

Interprofessional learning essays

Interprofessional Education Essay - Paper Example Interprofessional Education Essay - Part 2 This assignment will be about my thoughts and feelings relating to the Interview that I have conducted with a healthcare professional - Interprofessional Education Essay introduction.

Through this reflection, I hope to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the Interview and how I could make It a learning experience for future application, 2. Reflection of the Interview 2. Description My group, consisting of 4 pharmacy and 2 nursing students, was assigned to Professor Bad.

He researches on the ethical issues concerning biomedicine, combining his past specialization in philosophy to formulate his thoughts and writings. My group managed to get some help from his assistant to secure a meeting room for the interview.

The interview questions were aimed at finding out about his roles and responsibilities, a clearer insight into bioethics with case examples and his inter- professional communication experiences.

During the interview, I was tasked with note-taking alongside another pharmacy student, while there were 2 audio-visual crew manning 3 digital cameras and 1 photo camera.

We delegated a nursing and a pharmacy student to conduct the Interview with the Intention of providing 2 different viewpoints from the questions asked as well as to provide a more focused and centered conversation.

Feelings Before the interview started, we realized that 2 out of the 3 digital cameras had roughly minutes worth of video recording capacity which might not be enough.

My feelings then were that of disappointment because I had planned to combine different angles of the Interview Into our video-making. However, my Initial apprehension was short-lived as the interviewee was amiable and enthusiastic, and I felt relaxed and warmed up to him quickly.

Overall, the interview was a success as everyone executed heir roles expertly and I felt a sense of accomplishment for our efforts in planning and executing the interview. Evaluation The Interview was an eye-opening experience as have never done an informational interview before.

After reviewing the video recording, I noted down the strengths and weaknesses of the interview. One of the interviewers, Celia, kept twirling his pen and even dropped It at one point. Arc, on the other hand, kept spinning in her Secondly, the content of the interview covered multiple areas and it helped us to understand the health professional better.

However, the questions did not transit well from the preparation to the exploration stage. Lastly, the interviewers displayed sufficient communication skills. The questions asked utilized the social penetration theory to explore and create self-awareness through self-disclosure.

Interprofessional learning essays

Alton and Taylor highlighted that self-disclosure and social penetration was co-related: Self-disclosing and learning about others is the process of penetrating deeper into the selves of those people? This process of penetration is a gradual one, in which each communicator reveals layers of personal depth.

This would low the interviewer to understand the main intention of the question without multiple questions asked. Analysis After evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the interview, I decided to explore how these factors might have affected the interview.

This enabled us to craft our questions according to how the interviewee responded to show that we had listened and understood his perspective. Hence, this was an area of communication skills which we executed well, albeit some minor fidgety body language which I had highlighted earlier that could have been misinterpreted as being inattentive.

Fortunately, the interviewee did not Jump to conclusions and continued to speak enthusiastically. Secondly, the usage of the social penetration theory to encourage self-disclosure was a good way to explore and create self-awareness in the interviewee.

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As we moved from stage to stage, our questions became more personal. For example, in the exploratory affective stage, he revealed how he was a cradle Catholic. When we reached the affective stage where questions were more personal, we asked him if there were any conflicts between his religion and his bioethics research, such as abortion.

Finally, at degree of trust and understanding was established, he revealed his personal relationships with his wife, who is a Catholic too, over his line of work. In addition, he as not afraid to display his emotions such as frustration. In the end, he showed self- awareness as he could distinguish between the ethical issues of work and his religion.

This paper, The Purpose,Scope and Context of Interprofessional Collaboration, is a personal learning and reflection of this health service provider about interprofessional education, collaboration and working while working with teammates. 3 Interprofessional education (IPE) in university and college programs is about preparing students to be able to practice their profession in variety of collaborative team-based health care delivery contexts, the health and social service. Working in Interprofessional Teams in Health Care and Services Why do we care so much about interprofessional teams? We care because we know that this is the best way to help people with complex health challenges become as healthy as possible.

With the insight I have gathered after evaluating and analyzing, I felt that asking multiple questions could have been avoided as it confused the interviewer hence some of his reply did not address the question.

Thus, the interviewer could have avoided this by taking some time to craft out the question before asking it. Hence the interviewers could have used linking sentences to steer the interviewee back to the right direction.

Action plan After reflecting on the interview, I thought of an action plan to integrate my experiences into future interviews, especially with a patient, since I will become a nurse.

Secondly, preparation is crucial. Prior to any interview, I will ensure that if equipments are needed, I will check for its usability.What is Interprofessional Education (IPE)? IPE is an active learning situation where students from different professions learn together through debate and discussion or through doing or experiencing health and.

Through this reflection, I hope to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the Interview and how I could make It a learning experience for future application, 2. Reflection of the Interview 2. 1. Free Essay: Interprofessional education is a necessary step in preparing a ‘collaborative practice-ready’ health workforce that is better prepared to respond.

Interprofessional working in health care has had a positive impact on the service user. First, there is shared professional competence and experience.

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In addition, the different professionals perform their responsibilities collectively. There is also interprofessional communication, and increased resource availability, in form of expertise.

Journal of Interprofessional Care ; – [Taylor & Francis Online] [Google Scholar]]) as the interviewees, and had described their team as being similar to the teams included in the study; hence, they could be assumed to be able to relate to and discuss the preliminary findings.

Interprofessional education and collaborative practice within health and social care This assignment will be discussing the importance of professionalism within health and social care.

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