How to write a midnight robber speech

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How to write a midnight robber speech

Mas players such as the late Puggy Joseph and Brian Honore helped to create a resurgence of this mas as did Peter Samuel when he was crowned King of Carnival for his portrayal of the Midnight Robber from Peter Minshall’s band in Nalo hopkinson midnight robber essay. write a short essay leaving cert history marking scheme for essay tangerine essay stonewall uprising essay anthony ashford essay, Speech about eid milad un nabi essay 1 page essay on soccer in america advising dissertation. Jun 27,  · The Midnight Robber Speaks. My son has a school project to do on the Midnight speech personifies the character I was able to read it for him in the tone of the Robber.I think he understands the character so much more now. form one hillview college has to write a speech and make a costume for d midnight.

I am dressed in a frilled dress and bonnet. I carry a doll in my arms.

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Baby Doll Baby Doll is gaily dressed, decked in a frilled dress and bonnet. She carries a doll in her arms which symbolises an illegitimate baby. She stops male passers-by and accuses them of being the baby's father.

Dressed in a winged black or brown costume, I wear leather shoes with metal claws. Bat The almost extinct Bat has a costume normally black or brown, fitted tightly over the masquerader's body. He wears a headpiece, leather shoes with metal claws, wings with a wingspan from feet and matching gloves.

There is a bat dance to go with the costume.

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I wear a long flowing cape festooned with biblical scenes. I carry a book and a pen. Bookman Bookman, Gownman or Ruler is the principal character in the devil band.

His costume consists of Tudor-style pants, flowing cape festooned with biblical scenes, an oversized head mask which with horns and a demon.

He carries a pen and a large book in which he write the names of prospective souls for the devil. My costume is comprised of a donkey's head, while my body is covered with a long satin skirt with a tail.

Burrokeet Burrokeet is derived from the Spanish word burroquito little donkey. The burrokeet is constructed from bamboo so as to give the illusion of a dancer riding a small burro or donkey when he put his head through the hole in the donkey's neck and the body of the animal fitted around his hips and carries the reins in his hands.

He performs a dance called Burriquite, which originated in Venezuela. I wear a costume of colored patches. I am the female counterpart of one of the characters of the Italian Commedia dell'arte.

Colombina Colombina, a servant and a member of the Zanni from the Italian Commedia dell'arte is Harlequin's female counterpart. She is clever, crafty, and untamed. She wears colored patches in Harlequin's style.

how to write a midnight robber speech

Cow Band The Cow Band, which dates back to the days of the Canboulay was traditionally played by abattoir employees. On Carnival Monday, small group of men dress in gowns of sacking made from rice bags completely covered with dried plantain leaves.

I am a descendant of the French planters, dressed up in an elegant french costume and parade at private homes on Carnival Sunday night. Dame Lorraine Dame Lorraine or Dame Lorine is a descendant of the French planters, dressed up in elegant costumes of the French aristocracy complete with elaborate fans and hats.

They parade in groups at private homes, particularly on Carnival Sunday night. My costume is scaly. Dragon The Dragon, sometimes called King Beast, is the fire-beast from hell, coming to earth as a bringer of destruction, the one who understands good and evil and all its elements.

The costume, as the name says is that of a dragon with an overall costume of scales, a dragon head with a movable tongue and a long scaled tail. Chains are tied around the beast which are held by Imps, in order to restrain it as it comes dancing a 'Dragon Dance' through the streets.

The aim of the 'Dragon Dance' is to captivate and frighten its audience. I am recognised by my colorful expansive feathery costume. My wigwam is made of ostrich Plumes. Fancy Indian Fancy Indians, among the most spectacular mas costumes, are based on the indigenous peoples of North America.

The costume consists of a headpiece with feathers sticking up, and more feathers making tails down the back, covering the entire body. A Fancy Indian's 'wigwam' is decorated with ostrich plumes, mirrors, beads, feathers, papier mache masks, totem poles, canoes and ribbons.

I am the priest of the Carnival of Binche.The Midnight Robber’s spoken word masquerade is the most fearsome and imitated in the pantheon of traditional Trinidad carnival characters. The Midnight Robber bragged and blustered his way into the heart of Trinidad and Tobago’s folk tradition.

As a result of this, Whiskey changed his sobriquet. “Midnight Griot being the Midnight part of the Midnight Robber and the Griot to pay tribute to the original character,” he said.

The Midnight Robber’s speech known as “Robber Talk” is derived from the tradition of the West African Griot. Hiding among the trees, Tan-Tan learns the secrets of the douen and gradually transforms into another figure out of Caribbean folklore, the Midnight Robber, who dresses in black, spouts poetry, steals from the rich and gives to the torosgazete.coms: Nalo hopkinson midnight robber essay.

write a short essay leaving cert history marking scheme for essay tangerine essay stonewall uprising essay anthony ashford essay, Speech about eid milad un nabi essay 1 page essay on soccer in america advising dissertation.

The MIDNIGHT ROBBER is an excellent science fiction tale because author Nalo Hopkinson makes both of her worlds seem vividly real. Toussaint appears to be a technologically advanced Caribbean planet while New Half Way Tree seems very primal/5(3).

and Tobago like Midnight Robber, Dame Lorraine, and Jab Jab, in order to help CARNIVAL CHARACTERS IN THE CLASSROOM Sample: What We Know, Wanted to Know, and Learned speech that it chose to communicatewith others, i.e.

lasciviousmovementfor the whore; intimidatinggestures for the Midnight Robber.

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