Gender inequality in the film industry

The report is broken down into three main sections… Studying the current situation.

Gender inequality in the film industry

Share via Email This article is over 4 years old Female directors and production staff are rare, with women tending to be only a majority in traditionally female departments such as make-up and wardrobe. The report, compiled by the British producer and writer Stephen Followsnoted the gender of many employees, from make-up artists and animators to sound engineers and directors, who had worked on the biggest box-office blockbusters each year since The statistics, Follows decided, meant that he would "challenge anyone to read them and not feel that our industry has a problem with gender equality".

In particular, the report found a notable gender split in film-making departments. Women made up a majority only in costume and wardrobe departments and casting, all of which, traditionally, have been perceived as feminine workplaces.

Visual effects, usually the largest department for big feature films, had an average of only Even in creative areas men were found to dominate. Follows said he hoped the report would finally force the industry to accept gender as an issue and bring the problem to the fore.

Every time I did a small bit of research I couldn't believe how unrepresentative the industry was, and honestly, when I first saw quite how big the divide was, how overwhelming it was, I went back and did my research again just to double check.

But that clearly isn't the case. It's not that I think the industry is institutionally sexist but I really don't think this has even been a conversation and so I would hope even being conscious of the gender split will begin to instigate change.

The report showed that rather than improving over time, the number of women working with blockbuster film crews in actually declined from previous years, to an average of just Beryl Richards, who has directed various popular TV series, including ITV's Wild at Heart, blamed the freelance nature of the industry, which she said was "completely unregulated".

There is no one monitoring and no one challenging the pattern that is replicating itself, that is why nothing is changing. I just can't bear it. There are still a lot of hostile working environments in film and television for women to walk into that need to be addressed, where they are treated differently from the men, but because of the nature of the industry none of these people get called out.

It is so systemic we need to set these equality and diversity targets and the freelance area needs to be subject to the same conditions on equality as every other field, otherwise it will continue to move backwards.

These statistics must propel industry and inform government policy to increase the pursuit of proper diversity in the workforce.

Kathryn Bigelow has been the only woman to have won a best director Oscar, for The Hurt Locker, in However, Francine H Raveney, executive director of the European Women's Audiovisual Network, called for more to be done to tackle the gender divide and under-representation of women within the industry.

The report by Follows, she said, reflected "the urgent need for associations such as ours to devise combined measures to counter inequality, be it through targeted training, promoting the work of women in the industry, carrying out more comprehensive research to show just how imbalanced the situation is, and drafting policy proposals at national and pan-European levels".

Until then we won't have the role models or range of stories told that we need.May 4, A major new study into gender inequality in the UK film industry. As regular readers will know, for the last nine months I’ve been working on a deep and comprehensive study of gender inequality in the UK film industry.

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But for some -- especially married women in Korea -- the holiday is more regarded. Figures seen by the Guardian have revealed that gender disparity is entrenched in the film industry, where more than three-quarters of the crew involved in making 2, of the biggest grossing.

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Meet Some of the Data Samples. Meet the Robinsons, a Disney film that was included in the Institute’s data, is an example of a G-rated film that blatantly portrays an image of gender film is set in the future and follows the time traveling experiences of two young, clever boys.

Advertising often turns to gender stereotyping and notions of appropriate gender roles in representing men and women. This depends on culture, though.

Gender inequality in the film industry
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