False diagnosis of insanity

Other regional factors may be at play and constitute a topic for further research.

False diagnosis of insanity

DSM-5psychiatryfalse diagnosis NaturalNews The industry of modern psychiatry has officially gone insane. Virtually every emotion experienced by a human being -- sadness, grief, anxiety, frustration, impatience, excitement -- is now being classified as a "mental disorder" demanding chemical treatment with prescription medications, of course.

The new, upcoming DSM-5 "psychiatry bible," expected to be released in a few months, has transformed itself from a medical reference manual to a testament to the insanity of the industry itself.

GAD can be diagnosed in a person who feels a little anxious doing something like, say, talking to a psychiatrist. Thus, the mere act of a psychiatrist engaging in the possibility of making a diagnoses causes the "symptoms" of that diagnoses to magically appear.

Psychiatry is no more "scientific" than astrology or palm reading, yet its practitioners call themselves "doctors" of psychiatry in order to try to make quackery sound credible. By a show of hands, they then vote into existence whatever "symptoms" they wish to associated with Hoogala Boogala Disorder.

In this case, the symptoms might be spontaneous singing or wanting to pick your nose from time to time. They then convince teachers, journalists and government regulators that Hoogala Boogala Disorder is real -- and more importantly that millions of children suffer from it!

Thus begins the call for "treatment" for a completely fabricated disease. In order to maximize their kickbacks and Big Pharma freebies, groups of these psychiatrists get together every few years and invent more fictitious disorders, expanding their fictional tome called the DSM.

Rapists who feel sexual arousal during their raping activities are given the excuse that they have "Paraphilic coercive disorder " and therefore are not responsible for their actions.

But they will need medication, of course! You can also get diagnosed with "Hoarding Disorder" if you happen to stockpile food, water and ammunition, among other things. Yep, being prepared for possible natural disasters now makes you a mental patient in the eyes of modern psychiatry and the government, too.

He now admits it was a huge mistake that has resulted in the mass overdiagnosis of people who are actually quite normal. He goes on to say: The first draft of the next edition of the DSM This wholesale medical imperialization of normality could potentially create tens of millions of innocent bystanders who would be mislabeled as having a mental disorder.

The pharmaceutical industry would have a field day -- despite the lack of solid evidence of any effective treatments for these newly proposed diagnoses.

False diagnosis of insanity

All these fabricated disorders, of course, result in a ballooning number of false positive. The "psychosis risk syndrome" would use the presence of strange thinking to predict who would later have a full-blown psychotic episode.

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But the prediction would be wrong at least three or four times for every time it is correct -- and many misidentified teenagers would receive medications that can cause enormous weight gain, diabetes and shortened life expectancy.

An entire industry invented out of nothing! And yes, you do have to imagine it because nothing inside the industry is actually real. Being an emotionless zombie The only way to be "normal" when being observed or "diagnosed" by a psychiatrist -- a process that is entirely subjective and completely devoid of anything resembling actual science -- is to exhibit absolutely no emotions or behavior whatsoever.

Psychiatry should be utterly abolished right now and all children being put on mind-altering drugs should be taken off of them and given good nutrition instead.Yahoo Lifestyle is your source for style, beauty, and wellness, including health, inspiring stories, and the latest fashion trends.

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Support-A-Soldier. is a (c)(3) charitible organization (my brother is a Board member) providing requested gear to U.S. soldiers at the “tip of the spear” in foreign deployments. The hospital in which people are sent is not about healing, but about dehumanizing and manipulating the patients until they are weak and willing to play the game of the institution under the rule of Nurse Ratched. The use of perfunctory imagery represents modern society, also while showing sexual domination by women and false diagnosis of insanity. In a land where the Native peoples survived for thousands of years without farms or firearms, without automobiles or TVs, without almost anything, New York publishing and Hollywood glitz have combined to glorify a misguided young man who ate some poisonous peas, or maybe it was potato seeds after all.

In a land where the Native peoples survived for thousands of years without farms or firearms, without automobiles or TVs, without almost anything, New York publishing and Hollywood glitz have combined to glorify a misguided young man who ate some poisonous peas, or maybe it was potato seeds after all.

Apologies for a second guest week this close upon each other, but I only managed to scrounge two weeks of buffer together for a 3 week long road-trip that I’m treating myself to.

Description Intermittent explosive disorder was originally described by the eminent French psychiatrist Esquirol as a "partial insanity" related to senseless impulsive acts. Esquirol termed this disorder monomanies instinctives, or instinctual torosgazete.com apparently unmotivated acts were thought to result from instinctual or involuntary impulses, or from impulses related to ideological.

Pleading Insanity in a Criminal Case.


A successful insanity defense usually results in many years of mandatory treatment in a mental hospital, not a free ride out of jail. Share on Google Plus. They can only provide a medical diagnosis .

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