Do i need java on my laptop

There are also various technical guides that may have vehicle specific information at the DIY AutoTune site. However there are a many ways to get 'head starts' on things like VE table, etc. One is to copy the setting from someone who has a similar combination of parts. You can look for similar vehicles in the 'Success story' forums here:

Do i need java on my laptop

It was not sold that way by Lenovo, however; small businesses buy them used, recondition them, and install the free software. This is one of the computers endorsed by the FSF. Before using such Thinkpads, I used the Lemote Yeeloong for several years. At the time, it was the only laptop one could buy that could run a free initialization program and a free operating system.

But it was never sold with a free operating system. No big problem, I used an external WiFi adaptor. I stopped using it because the OLPC project decided to make their machine support Windows, so I did not want to appear to endorse it by visibly carrying it around.

I could have continued using it privately with its free software installation, but I had no need for another computer to use only privately. Instead we see millions of children running Windows on the Intel Classmate, or nowadays a Chromebook that sends the child's personal data to Google.

I tried for about 8 years to find a way to avoid the nonfree BIOS in some commercial machine.

Java Update is a feature that keeps your Windows computer up-to-date with the latest Java releases. How do I configure my system to automatically download newer Java versions? After updating the Java version, you need to close and restart the Java Control Panel to get the updated Control Panel. I have read that disabling Java (not JavaScript) will make my computer safer from malicious software attacks. All indications are that it will indeed make it safer, but I have not seen any real indications out there as to what functionality I will lose in the browsing experience, if anything. If you do not need Java (and are unaware if you. Java: should you remove it? If you are not sure you need Java, try running your PC for a few weeks to see if you can do without it. You will .

I've chosen not to have any preferences among those ethical distros. In fact, I am not in a position to judge them on other criteria: What I do on my computer Mostly I use a text console, for convenience's sake.

Do i need java on my laptop

Most of my work is editing text and that is more efficient on a text console. On the text console, the touchpad can't cause me any trouble if I touch it by accident.

I do use X11 for tasks that need a graphical interface. I have no preferred graphical environment or window manager. Since my interest in using graphical environments is small, I don't want to spend time comparing them.

This is not an ethical issue, just my own personal preference. On the ethical level, I think it is important for free software to provide convenient free graphical user interface software, which is why the GNU Project launched three projects to develop that.

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I spend most of my time editing in Emacs. I read and send mail with Emacs using M-x rmail and C-x m. I have no experience with any other email client programs.

In principle I would be glad to know about other free email clients, but learning about them is not a priority for me and I don't have time. I edit the pages on this site with Emacs also, although volunteer helpers install the political notes and urgent notes.

I have no experience with other ways of maintaining web sites. In principle I would be glad to know about other ways, but learning about them is low priority for me and I have other things to do.

How this site is maintained This site is maintained in a very simple way. I edit the pages such as this one manually as HTML. I only know simple HTML; others who know more wrote the parts at the top and bottom of pages, and the more complex formatting on the home page.

Volunteer helpers install the political notes every day after receiving the text from me by email. A cron job "rolls over" the political notes page every two months.

The photo galleries are generated with this perl script. The search feature on the site is done with this code. An explanation of the concept of designing a "user experience" which also shows why I find it loathsome.

This is why I want stallman. Would you like to help do this? Write to rms at the site gnu. How I use the Internet I have used the Internet since it first existed.All you need to do is change one little setting in your browser of choice. Just un-tick the checkbox that enables "JavaScript" and away you go, to a simpler, cleaner web.

I could browse WIRED. CIO Magazine issue index of issues and subscriber information. Java is one of those technologies that you find installed on the majority of computer systems despite the fact that average users do not come across many Java-powered websites or desktop applications.

"Amazing Service CTC knows their business. I was continuing to have issues with my laptop running slow and just not working right.

I called Corporate Technology and was able to get it .

Do i need java on my laptop

JDK stands for Java Development Kit. Using JDK, we can develop, compile and execute (run) new applications and also we can modify existing applications. Method 4: Reinstall Windows. Reinstall Windows ^ This might sound like a joke, but in some cases this is the best method. For instance, if you don't want to lose your EFS-encrypted files or stored credentials by resetting your password, but you desperately need the computer, you can just install Windows a .

What is Java Update and how do I change the update schedule?