Crop circle research papers

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Crop circle research papers

He may not be aware that friendly aliens have already provided us with several kinds of new technology, which could help humans on Earth greatly, if such technologies were implemented worldwide.

Crop circle research papers

Ewan Birney, Nick Goldman, researchers at the University of Washington, and Microsoft are already working on this important problem see www. Thus any damage to the DNA within a narrow region of the primary message will not affect proper reading of two other encoded messages nearby.

Then we will have 25 extra binary digits to study as some sort of hidden code. Now it seems logical that we should arrange those 25 extra binary digits in the form of a 5 x 5 square matrix, just as we expected unknown extra-terrestrials to arrange many other binary digits in a radio message from Arecibo Observatory to the stars!

Crop circle research papers

We expected unknown aliens to test two possible arrangements of either 73 rows and 23 columns, or alternatively 23 rows and 73 columns, to see which made better sense?

Then we looked carefully to see which arrangement made better sense?

Crop circle scientific research papers

Any astronomers who work in the SETI program may wish to study these important crop-based messages further, if they wish to learn more. Something for the students of Stephen Hawking in Cambridge, or Kip Thorne at Caltech, or any other learned cosmologists of our era to consider: Do you think the unseen crop artists could be "time travellers"?

And might this explain why they have not come out and contacted us directly yet, because such an action would change time and history dramatically in an uncontrolled fashion?Crop Circle Research Using Google Earth, crop circle researcher Greg Jeffreys is attempting to prove that crop circles have been documented via aerial photographs since the s Excellent documentation and analysis of Crop .

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Crop circle scientific research papers

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Essay Crop Circles have been found throughout the whole country. They are one of the most intriguing things that I have read and researched. There have also been many shows that I have watched that have been very interesting.

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The first recent evidence of a crop circle was in in Tully England. W. C. Levengood's Research Reports. W.C. Levengood in the Paulding, OH crop circle formation. Since , biophysicist W.C. Levengood has authored or co-authored a significant number of scientific and technical papers (over 50) on a wide range of subjects including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Biophysics, Botany, and other subjects that .

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