Consider a manager developing a logistics strategy discuss specific situations for which the best ap

Will you make it yourself, or outsource to someone else? How do you decide which activities to outsource, and which tasks to keep in-house?

Consider a manager developing a logistics strategy discuss specific situations for which the best ap

Commercial ; DSN It is incumbent upon the planner to coordinate the plan with all those who have a responsibility for the development, management, or administration of the acquisition.

The acquisition plan should be provided to the contract administration organization to facilitate resource allocation and planning for the evaluation, identification, and management of contractor performance risk.

Include— A Applicability of an acquisition decision document, a milestone decision review, or a service review, as appropriate. B The date approval for operational use has been or will be obtained.

If waivers are requested, describe the need for the waivers.


C A milestone chart depicting the acquisition objectives. D Milestones for updating the acquisition plan.

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Indicate when the plan will be updated. Program managers should schedule updates to coincide with DAB reviews and the transition from one phase to another e. E Supplies and services. When acquiring tents or other temporary structures, consider total life-cycle costs in accordance with DFARS When supplies or services will be acquired by placing an order under a non-DoD contract e.

Include specific references to budget line items and program elements, where applicable, estimated production unit cost, and the total cost for remaining production. For development acquisitions, describe the market research undertaken to identify commercial items, commercial items with modifications, or nondevelopmental items see FAR Part 10 that could satisfy the acquisition objectives.

Materiel Returns, Retention, and Disposition. Also discuss corrosion prevention and mitigation plans. For acquisitions involving major weapon systems and subsystems of major weapon systems, see the additional requirements at DFARS A National Technology and Industrial Base.

For major defense acquisition programs, address the following 10 U. B Industrial Capability IC. If no IC strategy has been developed, provide supporting rationale for this position.

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If the development of the IC plan was determined not to be applicable, summarize the details of the analysis forming the basis of this decision. C Special considerations for acquisition planning for crisis situations. Ensure that the requirements of DoD Instruction Also— 1 Acquisition planning must consider whether a contract is likely to be performed in crisis situations outside the United States and must develop appropriately detailed measures for inclusion in the contract.

Combatant commanders establish operational plans identifying essential services that must continue during crisis. When planning the acquisition, consider these operational plans and the resources available to carry out these plans.

A best practice is to create a separate section, paragraph, line, or other designation in the contract for these essential services so they can be tracked to an option or separate contract line item. The plans may include rules for theater entry, country clearance, use of weapons, living on-base, etc.

If contract services will become inherently Governmental during a time of crisis, ensure that the contract states that work will be removed from the contract temporarily or permanently upon the occurrence of a triggering event specified in the contract or upon notice from the contracting officer that informs the contractor when its responsibility to perform affected duties will stop or restart.

The contract should require the contractor to have a plan for restarting performance after the crisis ends. Armed Forces deployed outside the United States; Such requirements will be maintained on the particular combatant commander operational contract support website, http: A plan for reachback support of contract closeouts should be included, if required.

For acquisitions that require services to be delivered to or performed on a DoD installation, DoD occupied space, ship, or aircraft, ensure that the requirements of DoD Instruction This paper indicate that when one manager want to building and executive a good global business strategy to successful which factor must consider by the manager.

2-Introduction In this paper tried to analysis the global factors that have influence on business strategy. The Outsourcing Decision Matrix is a good starting point for making decisions about whether or not to outsource tasks in your business.

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Tasks that are strategically important to your organization should usually be kept in-house. ACQUISITION PLAN. GUIDE. MARCH ASSISTANT SECRETARY OF THE NAVY (RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND ACQUISITION) WASHINGTON, DC FOREWORD. This Acquisition Plan Guide (APG) provides acquisition planning guidance and procedures for the Program Manager (PM) and other personnel assigned to participate in the acquisition planning process and the development of the Acquisition Plan (AP).

Logistics Management as defined by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP): Logistics management is that part of supply chain management that plans, implements, and controls the efficient, effective forward and reverse flow and storage of goods, services, and related information between the point of origin and the point of.

Marketing, Strategy, and Competitive Analysis W the best fit with our company’s strengths and competitive advantages. Pricing is a powerful tool in developing a marketing strategy with a strong connection to the financial condition of the organization.

Consider a manager developing a logistics strategy discuss specific situations for which the best ap

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